Monday, January 14, 2008

All Things John Tickle...

***Update Sept 29th 2011 - Due to change of circumstances I am having to sell up - Items for sale right now here***

So it has been a quiet few months in the tool shed. The funds dried up and the project has slowed to a grinding halt. It has also been entirely too cold and damp in the tool shed to really enjoy a few beers, tinker away and then write about it. But Christmas is over, the days are beginning to getting longer and my tax return is due any day!

Being tied to the warmth of the house for the last few months I have been able to spend a lot of time searching the interweb for choice tit-bits and with the help of my flexible friend I have managed to score some choice parts. Growing up, Mr Tickle was always my favorite Mr Man, so imagine my joy when one of the greatest Cafe Racer part suppliers of the sixties turns out to be none other than a certain Mr Tickle himself. With that knowledge I set about collecting John Tickle parts. Here is a pictorial review of what I have found so far...

John Tickle TLS front brake...after a bit of a polish. Hardware still to get chromed. John Tickle top yoke. John Tickle clip-ons. NOS with box!And last but my no means least, John Tickle headlight brackets.There is still some more choice John Tickle parts out there, but I feel this is a good start to achieving my original goal of using as many original parts as possible. Next job is get all the bits to rebuild my forks and front wheel so that I can bolt up all of these goodies!


Yank said...

Oi!!! When are you going to update on the Triton build?? I'm dieing here as you're building my dream!!!! I've got a blog site I'm going to add you to my site.

Chloe Tickle said...

I'm John Tickles daughter. He passed away in 2000 after a heart attack.

i didnt realise he was so popular!

mw said...

ive been looking for the tickle plate and yoke for years,i leave a comment on your blog and boom you find them! feck,arse,drink...LOL

if chloe tickle is reading please contact me (not about parts)


Anonymous said...

My dad used to do the 'North Circular GP' with John. As kid I will have met Chloe at your parents house in Little Paxton. I'm sure my dad would want to catch up.

You can contact him through me: Neal Lynch

As an aside, I have a pair of NOS John Tickle finned 1 1/8th manifold blocks on flea Bay.



Anonymous said...

Great project. Good luck with completing it.

I've just bought some alloy Tickle timing gears with the 3 key slots for my pre-unit TriBsa project. I notice that you also have alloy, racing timing gears for your bike.

Did yours fit straight on to the cams or did you have to do some other work to get them to fit?


Tanya Tickle said...

its nice to see john tickle parts are still so popular, he was my dad too, and it would of been my home in little paxton you visited , chloe is my younger sister ,it would of been me you would of met in little paxton. My mum is still around and often talks of the norton and racing days as she used to do side car racing with my dad aswell.

my contact email is

regards Tanya Tickle hence initials TT !

Anonymous said...

I just bought a vintage Honda a 1973 cb350f and the bike has tickle parts.was told that just made it more valuable.

Tony Bittle said...

I realize this is an old thread...but I recently found a n.o.s set of rear sets, in the original box for my cb350f! Thrilled at the quality. Would like to find more J.T. parts.