Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Motor...

I decided that the plan for this bike should be to construct it entirely from period parts available to the sixties builder and any concessions away from this should be hidden from view. I decided that a pre unit motor was the way to go, and settled on a 1958 Triumph T110 motor - 650cc vertical twin. I managed to find a bottom end in reasonable condition, well, that is how it was advertised, and surprisingly I didn't get raped over the price as so usually happens on Sleazebay.

The motor as bought...

So next came the long and arduous task of collecting overpriced motor parts. The list so far...
  • Morgo big bore kit - 750cc, complete with pistons and gudgeon pins
  • Morgo rotary oil pump
  • Morgo tappet blocks - later style
  • Mid sixties two part crankshaft - light version from a TR6C
  • Polished conrods
  • E3134 nitrided cams with R followers - this is Triumph's racing set up
  • 3 key way timing wheels
  • Alloy pushrod tubes - late style tappet block to earlier head
  • Performance push rods
  • Timing cover complete with rev counter drive
  • Finned sump plate with drain plug
  • Bonneville twin carb head (9 stud)
  • Rocker assemblies
  • Lightened tappet adjusters
  • Finned oil rail for rockerboxes
  • All new bearings and bushes and gaskets.

The motor is currently with Steve Giblin of European Motorcycles ( who is doing the engine assembly for me, including dynamically balancing the cranks and rebuilding the head, as well as repairing stripped threads from previous heavy handed owners. Hopefully it should be ready in a few weeks time so that I will have something complete to look at and to build a bike around. I am trying not to keep a tally of how much money I have in this motor already, or else this bike is going to end up as living room furniture.

The motor in its original surroundings...

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