Sunday, September 11, 2011

With A Heavy Heart...

It is a sad day in the tool shed. The realisation has sunk in with priorities as they are, this project is never (at least not in the foreseeable future) going to see itself to completion. Time and funds are being forced elsewhere with priorities being focused on raising a young family. So I am regrettably selling up with the intention of the funds going to a bike that is less labour and money intensive and a little more immediate in the roadworthy department.

Thank you to everyone for your support to this point, and lookout for parts to be listed on Ebay in the coming weeks.

The Artful Bodger.

Ebay link to items currently for sale: ebay


Anonymous said...

NO mate.. Isnt there anything we can do.. maybe start a support network... Tritons are needed in the world.. Dang it.. Get in touch with some of the London blokes at the ace... My mates hang there and maybe can help...

Good luck

Swan said...

NO, start a collection fund, a Kickstarter campaign, donation button, etc. Your bike needs you.

I have a Triton and no children but there must be a way to swing it. I have very fews regrets in life and most involve selling motorcycles. Sigh.